Mikah Parkinson, LMT

Mikah Parkinson, LMT is a Poulsbo-based Massage Therapist offering massage sessions designed to both pamper and revitalize the body and soul.



Mikah’s Mission:

“My mission is to support individuals in achieving life balance through personal wellness. I am a firm believer in the inseparable connection between body and mind, I’m a proponent of bodywork for relieving physical as well as emotional stress, and I strongly believe massage is viable modality for enhancing overall health & well-being.”

- Mikah Parkinson, LMT



Featured Massages


Basalt hot stone massage

An great upgrade to your normal therapeutic routine. Hot river stones are used as an extension of your therapists hands, to quickly relax deep and soft tissues which facilitates space for deep tissue work and healing.


deluxe I love cupping massage

Looking to spoil yourself or a certain someone!? Love Cupping combines all the most relaxing techniques and applications with a loving twist, for the ultimate massage experience.


sole revitalization foot soak & Massage

A calming aromatherapy foot soak combined with a blissful brown sugar scrub and hot stone massage, with focus on the shins, calves, ankles and feet to restore balance and tranquility.

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.
— Rumi